Industrial painting houston

A Houston Industrial Painting, Commercial Painting and Sandblasting Company. Painting industrial facilities and equipment poses unique challenges that require specialized knowledge and expertise. Not every painting contractor has the level of experience required to handle painting projects for industrial spaces.

Allen Painting & Sandblasting has provided industrial painting in Houston for more than 28 years. Our experienced industrial painters have the skill and expertise required to ensure an attractive and durable finish for your industrial space.

We have painted a wide variety of structures and facilities across a broad range of industries, including:

  • Factories
  • Office Buildings
  • Power Plants
  • Assembly Plants
  • and other industrial spaces in the Houston area
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industrial painting houston

Industrial facilities, structures, and industrial equipment need to do more than look good. They have an important function in the operations of the plant, factory, or industrial space. In order to maximize the efficiency, lifespan, and functionality of industrial facilities and equipment, the right materials and application methods are essential. At Allen Painting & Sandblasting, we are experienced Industrial painting contractors in Houston, TX using state of the art application methods and materials to produce the desired results for function, durability, and appearance. Our experienced riggers reduce set up time and we work efficiently to plan and execute your project in a way that will limit downtime and produce the desired results.

At Allen Painting & Sandblasting, we provide highly accurate estimates and scrupulous quality control to ensure outstanding results and track job costs for every industrial client. We are committed to providing the highest standard of professional service for industrial painting that will exceed your expectations and create a durable and attractive finish to meet the specific requirements of your facility or equipment.

We provide free estimates for industrial painting in the Houston, Texas area for projects of all sizes and levels of difficulty. Our company is fully insured for your peace of mind and equipped to handle industrial projects of all sizes.

All employees are Certified in Safety through the HASC, MSHA Certified, and carry TWIC cards.